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I’m back!

Posted on 14th April, 2021

Tuesday 13th April 2021


Well its been a while and with good reason, we have been in lockdown and its been hard. But thankfully I'm back to work, I'm jabbed and ready to face the world again!

I think I will go back over the several months that have passed since my last post but like the rest of the world its a difficult mess.

Lock down did not become me, I love to be out on the street on sunny days drawing or sketching for a little crowd. I'm happy if that crowd is socially distant these days as long as I can stay working outside!

So yes the street artists is back... watch this space 

A Very Messy Business

Posted on 23rd August, 2020

Sunday 23rd August


I'm ploughing away with my new Silent Night images. Luckily the heatwave turned, now its rainy and windy most days! So I've started painting the first coat on the painting. its always a very messy process as I work from dark to light when working on these so I need to do quite dark undercoat. This is all very well and good except the paint I use specifically Peach black is horrible to use, it seems to get on everything and never dry's. So I try to cover as much of the painting that needs this colour in the background first as I will be looking at 10-14 dry's for the peach black to dry. It's a very messy fluid paint and i always get covered in it.SNRo1

Do You Want To Build a Snowman?

Posted on 12th August, 2020

August 12th 2020


Well today was a hot a sweltering day, the sky blue the heat turned up to 30 degrees C at least. The much needed thunderstorms never reaching here so its still a very humid heat. Im unfortunately stuck at home, covid, not that I have it its just the world has changed and I can’t work outside… so I’m not actually the street artist at the moment. The Gallery needs to be open and that’s the wife’s domain and like most family’s someone needs to be watching the kids and that’s me! So I’m working from home mostly, until the schools returns then I hope to be back on the streets, painting or drawing.

Anyway I digress, today was damn hot and what is on my mind today is snow… yes as we sit baking in the sunshine my thoughts turn to snow! Oil painting is a funny process it requires planning and not just planning as regarding composition its requires planning regarding sales. Last year I never added to one of my most popular series the Silent Night Series, but this year things are about to change! I started the first of 3 possibly 4 new paintings in this series. Nothing says heatwave more than getting a snowscene painted. I need to get the painting done by early October, why so long? Well oils just take time layer upon layer which need to dry before you can move on to the next coat.
So today I sat in my laughingly small terrace house garden in the heat drawing out a snowscene! Its something new for my silent night series its a landscape format not the same as the previous 5. Here is a taster the very rough composition. More to come in the next few days.

Blog on!

Posted on 12th August, 2020

August 12th 2020


I’ve never written a blog and I’m not completely sure what the point is! But I have had people ask me to go into more detail about my work the process and what goes on in a professional artists life. I have been told I’m lucky to have this job especially starting so young and never really having a “real” job, it's all I know. I kind of got to live my dream job from a very early age, the problem with that is once you get the dream… where do you aim? what’s the next step? Anyway that’s for another day. 
People aspire to be an artist, it is an interesting life and can be quite solitary, like an author I suppose. People ask about inspirations, process, what was going on in your mind. So Also they have asked about demonstrations of how I work and what’s involved “tips of the trade” that kind of thing. Well I can’t say that its going to be interesting, I will leave that to you to decide.
Any subjects you want me to cover send me a question I’m always ready to ramble on!