Silent Night Series

Many years ago I painted a night time picture of the Shambles in the city centre of york. I was very lucky and once had a flat in Kings Square and was able to pop down to the shambles at any time of day and night. I found the best time was in the wee small hours of the morning when the city slept, its one of the few times you found the street empty (except 2020 for obvious reasons!). Getting to the Shambles on a snowy night before the snow settled was a beautiful sight to behold. Thus the Silent Night series was born, strangly beacuse this picture was so dark and brooding was tucked it away and really didint push print sales one day it took centre of the shop window as we neared Christmas and it took off! I have added to the series almost every year and now there are 8 Silent Night oil paintings and 2 watercolours.


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