Rosebud Picture Gallery

The Rosebud series came about by happy accident. I had drawn a picture entitled "First Class" for my wife for here birthday, it was of my daughter trying on her new ballet slippers. Working with lots of dancers as I do I decided to introduce my daughter, Rosie to the world of ballet. We often have very glamorous lady dancers coming around to the house before photo shoots and I bought my little girl a ballet outfit so maybe she would catch the dancing bug. Dance classes were then booked!

However Rosie is much more like her dad! She just wanted to draw and paint, dance classes for Rosie were more about the bacon buttie we had afterwards rather than the dance class itself... in-fact the only time she ever showed any dance enthusiasm was when she did an improvised dance in the deli after the class which she called the sausage roll dance!

Well not to let an expensive outfit go to waste Rosie spent many happy hours playing ballerina in the garden and a photo of her watering the plants in pink tutu red wellies and stripy watering can gave me an idea! This after consulting my ballerina friend Hayley for names became "The Waltz of the Flowers" and the rest as they say was history rosebud was born. I printed my earlier drawing and the waltz and the set soon took off.

In a twist of fate the wonderful dance class Rosie had attended run by the ever graceful Miss Kelly have the drawings of Rosie (aka Rosebud) adorning its walls!

Rosebud has gone on to be printed on greetings cards, note pads and limited edition prints by a major national publisher, even becoming the cover girl for the greeting cards industry magazine. The entire collection is here for you to view and from time to time I will be adding a few more, prints and originals are available to buy from my shop, just click here!

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