Ballet Colour Study Gallery

Years ago, I decided that I needed to understand the form of the body if I was ever going to be any good as a figurative artist. So went back to basics drawing models from photo shoots and life, I think I got to grips with that quite well but to show real passion and feeling to my pictures I wanted to capture movement, avoiding simple tricks like motion blur. I also wanted to challenge myself, and what better challenge than to capture the movement of dance. That is how my passion for capturing dancers started and 150-200 pictures later, I still love to draw them.

Over the years I have worked with many talented dancers guided by my now friends Hayley Del Harrison (former Northern Ballet, West End & Dance Teacher) Kelly Clarey (Patricia Veale School of Dance, Former dance captain Moulin Rouge) and Lizzie Garthwaite (Dancer, Lizzie Garthwaite Ballet). Not to mention many other talented dancers including Daniel Graham, Zoe Partington, Hanna Amin and Liam Scullion and many many more...

I have worked with some great new talents from the best dance schools in the country, guided by the advice of my friends above.

I have tried my very best to get the feet and arms in the correct places so if you see something in the wrong place… its not the fault of the dancer its my drawing!

You are able to purchase these prints through my website by clicking here!

I am always looking for new dancers to model for me if you are interested please message me!