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I started my life as a professional artist as a pavement artist and have always had a connection with drawing and painting on the streets of the city ever since. I started by copying the works of the great masters on canvases taped to the pavements at the foot of York Minster's west face, I always regard that as my apprenticeship. 28 years ago I started trading from a simple stall selling prints of my work and still do that to this day. Except for 2020… but we all know that story! In 2000 I opened my first Gallery in Petergate York. Now my own website! Its a work in progress and a little rough and ready in parts, so if you see any spelling mistakes or errors let me know drop me a line artist@thestreetartist.co.uk


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Ukraine Charity Prints

I don’t like to specialise in just one area of art or medium I love sketching drawing oils and watercolour, even graphic pens and digital art. So I have a large varied gallery of work styles subjects and mediums. Above are several of my better know subjects Rosebuds, Lost Connections, Figurative work, Dance and Movement studies and my original works based on the city of York where I started. I hope you will bear with me over the coming months as I add my library of work for you to look at and even to buy!